This is the Ultimate Message from Dinu



1 am already THAT- The One without a second (revised 2015)


I am already That Who I seek, The ONE, the only ONE Who there is The One without a second.

There is nowhere to go to find Myself Because what is here & now is all there is

There is nothing to do to become Myself

Because I am already That, the One without a second.

Thus, nowhere to go, nothing to do Just Being Myself.

There is oniy THIS, as Is, here & now.

Relax into Being with form, all forms in the Universe using the Buddha Mind

My manifested Nature.

Relax into SAT-CIT-ANANDA- SHANTI, The ONE in ITSELF without form

My absolute Nature.

There is nothing more to do;

Dinu, the little ego is not the doer, only GOD is!

Thus, rsmile, elax into what Is, be happy, and don't worry,

Life is just a Dream!




1. Stop regretting the Past
2.Stop worrying about the Future, and
3.In the Present Moment, Stop conceptualizing the senses’ perceptions
4.Stop labeling, analyzing or judging the senses’ perceptions:
5.Don't create anymore intentional thoughts in your mind!

6. Renounce the fascination with the senses’ perceptions or with the mind own’s creations

7. Unmoved by the seduction of the thoughts, choose with determination to find out Who You Really are;

8. Sit quietly without any interest in the mind’s seductive fabrications

9. Open and relaxed with a sense of a quiet expectation

10. Suddenly, spontaneously and just by Itself, You shall Recognize your True Identity/Real Nature

11. Which in this moment directly It recognize Itself As It Is, beyond the filter of the mind

12. Beyond words and concepts You know Yourself to be at the same time

13. Silence/Peace- Existence- Consciousness-Bliss /SHANTI-SAT-CIT-ANANDA !

14. This Infinite Consciousness-Existence-Bliss-Silence/Peace- has 2 forms:

15. The Absolute- Unmanifested: Silence/Peace-Existence- Consciousness-Bliss in Itself

16. The World- Manifested: Silence/Peace-Existence- Consciousness-Bliss with form, which contains all forms

17. From This Unlimited Silence/Peace- Existence- Consciousness-Bliss all forms has arisen

18. And in This Unlimited Silence/Peace- Existence- Consciousness-Bliss all forms shall return in the End!

19. To realize This is the birthright of every human being and those who realize This

20. Are the Awakened Ones, awaken to the True Nature of Things!

21. Dinu says: Those who are seeking the Truth have already found It

22. Because they already are the One who they seek!

23. The One and only Who there is: The One without a second!









1.Stop regretting the Past
2.Stop worrying about the Future, and
3.In the Present Moment, Stop conceptualizing the  senses perceptions
4.Stop labelling, analysing and judging the senses perceptions:
5.Don't create anymore intentional  thoughts in your mind!
6.But just Re-lax in the Unlimited Consciousness which has 2 forms:
7. The Absolute- Unmanifested, A Consciousness without form, Unqualified
8. The Relative- Manifested, A Consciousness with form, which contains All Forms
9.From This Unlimited Consciousness All forms have Arisen
10.And in this Unlimited Consciousness All forms shall Return in the End.
11.To Realize This means to be Awake to the Reality of The Nature of Things
12.Dinu says: Who searches has Already Found,
13. Because you already are Who you are looking for!